About Us

Our club’s goal is to provide a safe place for young girls to discover their love for volleyball. In our space, they can play and train hard without thinking of other things like security and people ridiculing their choice of sport. We have a supportive community that will encourage them to grow further as athletes.

What We do

We provide holistic training to young girls who want to play volleyball professionally. At a young age, we expose them to disciplined training regimen so they can learn the value of continuous practice and commitment that hopefully they can bring when they step in to their own teams in school.

Also, we provide counseling and guidance to our athletes to help them make choices in their lives. For us, it is our duty to do this because young girls are confused sometimes especially if they have no one who will guide them.

Why We do it

We recognize the need for this sport to be in the limelight because it has been sidelined for far too long. This is a good non-contact sports that encourages physical fitness and mental strength, at the same time, great team work and strategic thinking skills.

By doing so, we are providing our community a way to help their daughters find their passion. In our club, we are encouraging our players to venture out and not be afraid to try out new things because by doing so, they will be able to discover more things about themselves and the things they want to do in the future.